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Conspiracy Theories

I hate conspiracy theories. I hate when people get all nutty over them and think you are blind for not believing them. Why do I feel this way? Because the simple fact is, human beings cannot keep their mouths shut. … Continue reading

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Therapeutic Power of Writing

I have decided to quit my part-time job. (Hopefully we will be moving to a new department at my day job that has more pay and the possibility of overtime, but we will see.) In any event, I decided to … Continue reading

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Fighting Adversity

A short video I made about keeping your head up when everyone around you seems to want to beat you down. In short: don’t let them do it!!!

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P90X Classic: Day 17 (Total Body Plus)

I prepped myself mentally yesterday for the fact that I have to do my workouts BEFORE work this Monday through Wednesday. Why? Because I am working 12:30pm to midnight for the next three days. Obviously, that means no time to … Continue reading

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