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This Training Schedule Needs a Revamp

Today I went for a run, and it took me 20:06 to do 1.5 miles. That amounts to a loss of yet ANOTHER minute. My stamina should be going UP, not DOWN!!! UGH! Then I thought about it: yesterday I … Continue reading

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What a Sifu Is and Should Never Be

How do you like my Zeppelin reference? I’m not a super huge Zeppelin fan, but I found the title amusing. Anyway, just the other day I was thinking about my wing chun training, how I have been CONSISTENTLY doing the … Continue reading

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University Police Officer 1 and Wing Chun Training

A few weeks ago I was sent a letter from SUNY New Paltz that I was eligible to come to the campus and take an agility test for the position of University Police Officer 1. There were only three items … Continue reading

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The Positive Side of Bullying

I came up with the title of this article to make people do a double-take. What??? How can he say there is something POSITIVE about bullying? Well, let me clarify what I mean by saying I am drawing the content … Continue reading

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Another Random Poem: “An Old Shoe”

Here is a poem I composed randomly at work one day. Some images may be cliche (the ladder to the sky), but I wrote things as they came to my head. There has been only one revision: in the line … Continue reading

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10 Minute Trainer: Yoga Flex-Day 3 and New Blog Approach

Last night I had only one workout to do: Yoga Flex. In my opinion, it isn’t 100% accurate to call this a yoga routine. Yoga is more about patience and meditation; this is more like a 10 minute stretch. Still, … Continue reading

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Begin Again: P90X Nutrition, 10 Minute Trainer Workouts

Well, today I made an impromptu decision to begin 10 Minute Trainer again. I’m going to do 20 minutes a day for now, for a couple reasons: 1) I’m just getting back into working out. 2) I work two jobs, … Continue reading

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