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New Venture: Musical Podcast

Hello everyone, I have been forgetting to make it a habit to link to my new blog posts over at Bully Free Fitness. To maintain the accountability, I will admit that I haven’t even been posting over there much. Well, … Continue reading

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Music: a Popularity Contest, or…

I haven’t been able to write because we have actually had WORK at work lately, and that was where I got most of my blogging done! At any rate, I was reading a blog from a local musician who was … Continue reading

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Hey there, it is usually against my routine to publish more than one blog in a day. (I don’t want to fill the net with TOO much of me.) However, I wanted to bring this to your attention here because … Continue reading

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Belated Anniversary Post on the Smashing Pumpkins Album SIAMESE DREAM

SIAMESE DREAM turned twenty years old this past summer. This was the most important album of my youth, and yet I am only just getting around to writing about it! I wish I had a good reason why I didn’t … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Recording Songs

Eventually I plan on getting into home recording again. Today I was giving it more thought than usual. In the past, my problem was I didn’t know how to mix a full-length album properly. When you buy a CD in … Continue reading

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Music and Its Importance in My Life

I tend to let my mind wander when I drive. (Don’t worry…this doesn’t mean I weave back and forth!) The reason for this is because wherever I have to go (whether it is work or an appointment) is far, FAR … Continue reading

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New Blog Idea

Today was a brutal day at work. The machine broke down, so all the work normally done automatically had to be done by hand. Goes to show how even a workout nut like me has been softened and spoiled by … Continue reading

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