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Another Random Poem: “An Old Shoe”

Here is a poem I composed randomly at work one day. Some images may be cliche (the ladder to the sky), but I wrote things as they came to my head. There has been only one revision: in the line … Continue reading

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Wing Chun: Chum Kiu and 10 Minute Trainer

For reasons I don’t care to go into, last night was my first night home in a week. All I wanted to do was cuddle up to my wife and go to sleep, but I had an inner voice nagging … Continue reading

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Martial Arts: Good Place for Discipline, Bad Place for Ego

I went to my wing chun class for the first time in ages yesterday. Sifu had me run through the wooden dummy form in its entirety, then told me to go through it slowly, section by section. We didn’t wind … Continue reading

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Egos, Perfectionism, and “Being Difficult”

There are a handful of people who would say I am hard to be in a band with, that I am “difficult” and turn what should be “fun” into “work.” To a certain extent, I agree. However, if you were … Continue reading

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