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December 26, 2016: Training Journal

There is a new challenge in the group: Squat, Left Front Kick, 5 Punches Squat, Right Front Kick, 5 Punches Repeat on both sides 20 times. Then do 2 sets. That means you do 200 punches per set, for a … Continue reading

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10 Minute Trainer: Catch-Up

I haven’t posted in a few days. Just haven’t felt like it. Anyway, 10 Minute Trainer and the nutrition plan are both going strong. This morning I realized I was down to my last can of tuna and my last … Continue reading

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P90X/Insanity Hybrid: Day 6 (Cardio Power and Resistance)

Another day where I had the chance to do my workout BEFORE work! Woo hoo! Actually the reason I did this is because I have to do ANOTHER med pour at Vanderheyden tonight, and I don’t feel like trying to … Continue reading

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Rev Abs: Day 39 (Power Intervals)

As Brett would say, I just put the smack down on another workout. It may be only a half hour, but it does induce a sweat. During cool down I did sil lum tao, and for warm-up I did chum … Continue reading

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Rev Abs: Day 23 (10 Minute Trainer…Wha???)

That’s right, folks. Halfway through phase one of Rev Abs, I did several 10 Minute Trainer workouts instead of Fire Up Your Abs. Why? Because I needed to get footage of me doing the workouts for the 10 Minute Trainer … Continue reading

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