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Fighting Adversity

A short video I made about keeping your head up when everyone around you seems to want to beat you down. In short: don’t let them do it!!! Advertisements

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Complacency=Living Death

I was reading something on Facebook where someone was griping about illegal immigrants who get rental assistance, premium- and copay-free medical assistance, food stamps and so on. Meanwhile the people who DO file a tax return and live here legally … Continue reading

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News from the Road

Ironically, I’m writing this from the same place where I wrote my last in-depth blog. (I DID write a very quick one a few weeks ago, but it was so short that it hardly counts as a blog.) I have … Continue reading

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Happy New Year/Thoughts on the Immediate Future

I’m not going to go into a lot of cliches here, but I DO have some resolutions. Some of these come in the shape of multiple parts. *Be an even better family man (both husband and dad). Some people might … Continue reading

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Nostalgia: About My Friend, Margaret

This is an old post from a different blog, so when I say “the other day” in the first line, I don’t mean yesterday. It actually went down a few months ago. Why am I reposting it here? Because I … Continue reading

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