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Set a New Record for Running 07-24-2016

Today I was at my mother’s house when I decided to go for my run. (I usually do it on Sunday evenings, but my girlfriend and I went to her 20 year high school reunion, then had to grocery shop, … Continue reading

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Martial Arts: Good Place for Discipline, Bad Place for Ego

I went to my wing chun class for the first time in ages yesterday. Sifu had me run through the wooden dummy form in its entirety, then told me to go through it slowly, section by section. We didn’t wind … Continue reading

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Developing Wing Chun Punching Speed

I am still reading THE ART OF EXPRESSING THE HUMAN BODY. One subject I keep dwelling on is how Bruce Lee developed his punching speed. In the book, John Little quotes Lee’s student Dan Inosanto. Dan says that Bruce would … Continue reading

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