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December 21, 2016: Training Journal

I am already thinking of changing up how I do this. After all, my Wing Chun routine consists of pretty much the same thing every day. Posting the same stats repeatedly all week could get a little bland. So what … Continue reading

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Why Martial Arts Forms Aren’t Useless

On many levels, Bruce Lee is an idol of mine. Why? Because he refused to follow blindly. He knew a true martial artist should question the way things are done, and from there come up with their own way. However, … Continue reading

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Look at Me…the Latest LEVEL ONE SELLER on!!!

I was looking at my account on Fiverr, and it seemed like I’d met all the goals you needed to go from newbie to level 1 seller. I decided to write to customer support and ask what was up. The … Continue reading

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Fighting Adversity

A short video I made about keeping your head up when everyone around you seems to want to beat you down. In short: don’t let them do it!!!

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Hey there, it is usually against my routine to publish more than one blog in a day. (I don’t want to fill the net with TOO much of me.) However, I wanted to bring this to your attention here because … Continue reading

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Call to Action: Don’t Let This Video Describe You!!!

In this video I describe the most COMMON objection I hear to people joining in on P90X/Insanity/etc. with me. Is this you? Are YOU going to be one of those people who is all talk and no action? “Yeah, I … Continue reading

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No Time to Exercise? How About No More EXCUSES???

Having finally escaped the 12 hour hell of working in a paper plant, I am now going to get back into fitness in a BIG WAY with a 10 Minute Trainer Fitness Challenge Group!!! Watch below so you can get … Continue reading

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