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The Go Fund Me Campaign for REDemption

Given that most of my posts have been about exercise lately, it might seem like this is out of place. However, let me remind you that The Writings and Ruminations of Steve Grogan is supposed to be a kind of … Continue reading

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It’s about time, right? My zombie apocalypse epic THE REDEMPTION PROJECT will be out soon! Well, some of it. (By the way, I know this is off-topic for a fitness blog…but I HAD to get the word out!) I can … Continue reading

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News from the Road

Ironically, I’m writing this from the same place where I wrote my last in-depth blog. (I DID write a very quick one a few weeks ago, but it was so short that it hardly counts as a blog.) I have … Continue reading

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Where’s That Zombie Comic?

I realize it has been ages since I gave any updates about the zombie comic I was writing. That’s because, after 2-3 artists bailed on me, I decided it wasn’t worth updating until I got someone who could actually stick … Continue reading

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P90X/Rev Abs Hybrid: Day 54 (Kenpo X)

Today I decided to do Kenpo X instead of what was on the auto-schedule (Core Synergstics) because I already did that this week. But even then, I was just too distracted by other things. I could not clear my head … Continue reading

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P90X/P90X+ Hybrid: Day 81 (Yoga Flex and Wing Chun Forms)

Just the usual here today. Two days left of this workout week, and then I am on the final recovery week of this hybrid. I can’t wait for that because, while I love working out, there are other things I … Continue reading

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P90X/Insanity Hybrid: Days 46 and 47 (Yoga-Legs and Back-Merciless Abs)

The other day I had so much to do that I didn’t do Yoga X…I didn’t even do Fountain of Youth. Instead I did 10 Minute Trainer Yoga Flex. This morning I did Merciless Abs before work. Now I am … Continue reading

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