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Health Update

Well, on Monday when I went for my run, I had this bizarre tingling sensation that went up and down both arms. When I stopped running, the same sensation moved up to my jawline. Later that night I had a … Continue reading

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Need to Rethink My Running Training

The other day was supposed to be day 1 of month 3 of my running training. For this month, I am supposed to run at a faster pace for 2 minutes, then drop down to my “normal” pace for 1 … Continue reading

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University Police Officer Training July 14 2016

Standard wing chun training for the day: Sil Lum Tao once, Biu Jee once, Chum Kiu 4 times, then 400 extra punches. Now on to the meat of the day. I set my alarm to wake me up 5 minutes … Continue reading

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Searching for That Affordable Warrior Nutrition

Well, things were so crazy with all the other posts I had going on that I never got the chance to get around to this! My girlfriend and I have been trying our best to buckle down on nutrition. It … Continue reading

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Sick Again

Yes, I am once again stuffed up and coughing. Needless to say, that meant Max 30 was OUT last night. I don’t get it. I am eating great…working out regularly…sleeping enough. Why isn’t that giving my immune system a boost? … Continue reading

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Taming the Nutrition Beast

A couple weeks ago I finally got back into working out. However, this time I decided I wanted to do it right. Not only would I be working out, but I also wanted to eat right. To do this, I … Continue reading

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Been a While!

Things have been super busy at work and at home. I finally got back into wing chun, and I have been going on a consistent basis. The thing is, I get out of work at 3:30 and my job is … Continue reading

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