This Training Schedule Needs a Revamp

Today I went for a run, and it took me 20:06 to do 1.5 miles. That amounts to a loss of yet ANOTHER minute. My stamina should be going UP, not DOWN!!! UGH!

Then I thought about it: yesterday I did 300 kicks, and my hips and quads were pretty sore at the end of it. Maybe that contributed to my legs burning out so quickly today. It makes sense because the reason I dropped down to a walk was because of my legs and not because I was out of breath.

I have been thinking about how I wanted to include shadow boxing into my routine more, as well as practicing 500 kicks per day. (If I were in a fight, I wouldn’t use kicks nearly as much as I would use punches, but it is still good to sharpen all your tools.) There is a hard fact that I have to face though: I just don’t have the time for all of it.

So it’s time to do what my buddy Bruce Lee said: accept what is useful, reject what is useless. With that in mind, I wrote a list of all the items that are either already on my training routine, or that I would like to do:

1000 punches daily
Front kicks 50 times
Side kicks 50 times
Bong/Jut Gerk 50 times
Five 3-minute rounds of shadow boxing (15 minutes total sounded like a good amount to me)
Sil Lum Tao (form)
Chum Kiu (form)
Biu Jee (form)
Wooden dummy form
2-handed techniques with a pivot
Double lan sao turns 100 times

Starting from the bottom up, let’s eliminate some things.

The double lan sao turn is something I added in because I was having trouble maintaining balance while pivoting. As time has gone on, I have found that all my form practice has helped me fix this problem anyway. Therefore, the double lan sao turn can go bye bye.

Doing the 2-hand techniques with a pivot was meant to help me get better at doing simultaneous attack and defend. I have a slight delay where I will be doing my defense before my attack instead of completing both at the same time. While I do need help with this, I might have to cut it out of the schedule simply due to time restraint. Here’s my thing: at the moment, I do this particular routine only once per week. Well, where is the sense in that? I can’t advance too quickly unless I do it more regularly. Maybe once a week IS better than nothing at all though, so I am on the fence with this one.

Burpees got put into the mix because I had asked Sifu Larry London to give me some ideas for solo training. He recommended these to strengthen my legs, which in turn would strengthen my stance. They also serve to give my cardio a boost. However, the running and kicking practice are addressing both of those issues, so it is time to strike burpees from the list.

Regarding kicks, there are actually FOUR different kinds I could do. We have three listed above. The fourth is known to some as a “half moon kick.” which is aimed at an opponent’s shin or knee. If you divide 500 kicks by 4 different kinds of kicks, then that would be 125 of each type. However, as I said above, I think the kicking practice is what screwed up my run. Since right now my main goal is to reduce my running time, I might want to leave kicks off the schedule until I have achieved that. Either that, or my other option would be to keep the kicks in my routine and just know that it might take a while before my body gets strong enough to handle doing those kicks AND running at the speed this test requires.

With these reductions in mind, that leaves me with the following schedule:

1000 punches daily
All forms daily (with Chum Kiu performed more than once, since that is what I am working on)
2-hand techniques with pivot, 500 reps total
15 minutes of shadow boxing

I do 100 punches at the end of each form, so that takes care of 400 out of the 1000. That leaves working 600 into the other activities. Also, I should note that I don’t plan on doing push-ups, sit-ups, running, or shadow boxing EVERY day. These will be done every OTHER day by alternating them over the course of a six-day schedule. Example: days 1-3-5 would be running/push-ups/sit-ups, days 2-4-6- would be the shadow boxing and 2-hand techniques.

Now it’s just a matter of deciding what day of the week would be “day 1,” and then revamping the schedule.


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Wing Chun AND University Police Officer Training

Today was supposed to be my day of rest, but since I missed doing the University Police Officer training yesterday, I had to do it today.

There are only 3 exercises to be done for the agility test: push-ups, sit-ups and the 1.5 mile run. However, I added on an extra exercise (burpees) because it will help strengthen my legs, which would be good for Wing Chun AND University Police Officer training.

Now I would like to take you on an interesting journey through my mind, because sometimes I think it is interesting the way it operates (if I do say so myself).

So I had 4 exercises to do for the Police Officer test. I also know 4 Wing Chun forms in their entirety: Sil Lum Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Jee and the Wooden Dummy or Mook Jong form. Up until last Friday I haven’t been including the last one in my training because I don’t have a fully functional dummy at the moment. (I have the body, the limbs and the base, but they are not secured together at the moment.) Lately I decided, “Who cares if I have the dummy or not? I can do the form in the air!”

So we have 4 forms and 4 exercises. Okay, I knew how I would divide the day up: I would do one form and then one exercise, and repeat until I was done with everything. Pretty simple, right? Just bounce back and forth.

As I have said in previous posts, I like to do 100 punches at the end of each form. Today, that was going to add up to 400 punches. From somewhere in the back of my brain, I remember being told once that boxers like Mike Tyson practiced punching AT LEAST 1000 times a day. Since the punch is THE main weapon of Wing Chun, I decided I wanted to do 600 more punches to equal a grand. Although this was a good idea, it made me start to feel overwhelmed. Where was I going to place these 600 extra punches?

Then it dawned on me: I was already doing 4 rounds. 600 divided by 4 equaled 150, so I would tag these punches on at the end! So my training today looked like this:

*Wing Chun form plus 100 punches
*University Police Officer agility test exercise
*150 punches

That was the basic outline. This was how my day went in its entirety:

*Sil Lum Tao plus 100 punches
*Push-ups: I did 30, which is the goal for which I was originally aiming. Now I am considering raising that to 40, since that is my sit-up goal.
*150 punches aimed at chest height

*Chum Kiu plus 100 punches
*Sit-ups: I did 35 in one minute, which is the goal for the test. However, my PERSONAL goal is 40. This represents a giant leap, since last time I did 25.
*150 punches aimed at head height

*Biu Jee plus 100 punches
*Burpees: I did 23 in one minute. As I said above, this is not on the Police Officer test. However, for the sake of uniformity, I am aiming to do 40 per minute for this exercise as well.
*150 punches with a pivot

*Mook Jong with 100 punches at the end. I divided the punches here into the 4 different kinds (chest height, head height, with a pivot and with a step) and did 25 of each.
*1.5 miles run: Today was a unique step in the progression of my training. I did the run in 19 minutes 19 seconds, which is almost a minute longer than Thursday’s run (18 minutes 29 seconds). However, today’s run was more in line with the goal for which I’m aiming, which is endurance. The idea is to find a pace that I can maintain for the entire run without dropping down to a walk, and that is exactly what I accomplished today. Speed can come later; endurance is the first goal and the base.
*150 punches with a step: Rather than do these punches by moving back and forth across the room, I did these punches in the air while I did my run. The trick to make it not too bland was to change up the rhythm of the punches. I’d execute a punch after I hear my feet pounding the ground a certain number of times. So it would be like “pound-pound-pound-PUNCH, pound-pound-PUNCH, pound-PUNCH,” and so on until I got 150.

So there you have it, the summary of my “rest” day workout routine. Today’s run may have taken longer, but it achieved the goal for which I am currently aiming: run the entire time without slowing to a walk. I’m happy to say I achieved that goal.

Maybe employment as a University Police Officer is achievable after all.

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Wing Chun Shadow Boxing July 15 2016

Now we are caught up to the present!

One thing I want to say before I forget: I was looking up articles on how often I should stretch to gain some flexibility. To my surprise, I found many articles that said you don’t want to stretch the muscles any more than 30 seconds each, and you can do this as little as once per day, 3 days a week. Well, I stretch before I run, and I run 3 days per week, so I am all set there!

Today was quite unique for my wing chun training in that it was the first time I practiced shadow boxing. My idea was to do one round slow and another round fast. (By “round,” I mean I would pretend people were attacking me for 2 minutes at a time.) To be honest, I thought I would be stuck imagining the same attacks over and over again. I predicted it would be an exercise in boredom.

I was dead wrong. In fact, it was so much fun that I plan on adding in some shadow boxing every day that I can, although I won’t do as much as I did today. Let me sum up the training schedule here.

*Did my Sil Lum Tao and Biu Jee, as well as one slow and one fast round of Chum Kiu
*Decided to do a round of shadow boxing, followed by a slow Chum Kiu, then another round of shadow boxing with my final fast Chum Kiu
*Realized what a blast shadow boxing was, and I decided to do more and more and more
*Bounced back and forth between slow and fast shadow boxing, while also working in 400 more punches (100 at a time), as well as a slow AND fast run-through of the WOODEN DUMMY FORM, which I have not done in many, many moons
*Wracked up 12 minutes of shadow boxing time by this point, so for the cool hell of it did one more slow and one more fast round, for a total of 16 minutes

So let’s see how that looks all summed up nicely:

*Sil Lum Tao once
*Chum Kiu four times
*Biu Jee once
*100 punches at the end of those forms, totaling 600
*400 more punches (chest height/head height/with pivot/with step)
*Wooden Dummy form twice
*16 minutes of shadow boxing

Now that I look at it, the only thing I regret is that I didn’t work any kicks in! I could have done front kicks, side kicks, and bong/jut gerk, not to mention 4 more minutes of shadow boxing for a nice, round sum of 20 minutes!

Well, I learned for next time. That is why I post these journal entries: to analyze what I did, and adjust as needed.


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University Police Officer Training July 14 2016

Standard wing chun training for the day: Sil Lum Tao once, Biu Jee once, Chum Kiu 4 times, then 400 extra punches. Now on to the meat of the day.

I set my alarm to wake me up 5 minutes earlier than usual. This time I did 30 push-ups, and then I went on to sit-ups. To my amazement, I jumped from 18 to 25 in the space of two days! The only thing that prevented me from doing more was the fact that I was wearing a belt, and every time I sat up it would make the belt grind into my lower back. Lesson for next time: remove the belt!

The last thing I did was burpees for one minute. Now for those of you who read my previous post, I was able to do 20 in a minute. Well, today I did only 16. At first I was bummed about that, but then I realized there was a big difference between today and Tuesday: I did the burpees when I got home from work, NOT right after doing the push-ups and sit-ups, so I decided to cut myself some slack.

Now on to the running part. On Tuesday I had a bagel with peanut butter about 2 hours before I ran. Then I had pineapple juice an hour prior. By the time I got home and started running, NONE of this had settled. So I decided to have only half a bagel around 2:00PM and see how that worked out for me.

The verdict? Pretty damn good! I didn’t get around to my run until 5:00PM, but that was because I was on a conference call where I was being interviewed about my two books THE SEARCH FOR THE WARRIOR’S PATH and FITNESS FOR THE REST OF US. (More on that later.)

The point of the first month is to pick a speed, no matter how slow, that I could maintain for the entire 1.5 mile distance. I thought it was going to be a week or so of trial and error, but I think I nailed that pace down right out of the gate. Having said that, I DID have to drop down to a walk after 1.22 miles. All told, I was at a walking pace for about 0.15 of the distance. Not bad! I think my body will “catch up,” and I will be able to do the full distance at the speed I picked on Thursday. My total for the 1.5 miles was 18 minutes 29 seconds, which means I have to close a gap of 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

For the record, I hit a mile at 11 minutes 40 seconds. When I was in high school, it took me THIRTEEN MINUTES to reach the same distance. In other words I am more fit now at 39 than I was at 16!!!

To sum up, all I have to say is: before I started this training method for running, I thought reaching that goal of 13 minutes for the 1.5 was unreachable. Now I feel different.

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Wing Chun Kicks Training Journal July 13 2016

This was a pretty standard day: Sil Lum Tao and Biu Jee once each, then Chum Kiu four times. I did 100 punches at the end of each form. Aside from that, I did 400 extra punches: 100 at chest head, 100 at head height, 100 with pivoting, and 100 with stepping.

The difference today was that I worked in some kicks. My intention was to do 50 front kicks and 50 side kicks between both legs. Then I added in something called “Bong-Jut Gerk,” with the intention of doing 25 per leg.

For some reason, I wound up doing 50 front kicks, but then I did 60 side kicks and 60 Bong-Jut Gerks. Why? I don’t know. And you know something? I think I could use more. It would have been pretty easy to work in more too, so maybe next time I will aim for 100 of each kind of kick.

Well, I have several days of training to catch up on here, so expect another entry shortly!

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July 12 2016 University Police Officer Training

Well, the day got off to a rocky start at first. I Wanted to do my sit-ups, push-ups AND burpees BEFORE work. When that alarm went off at 5:30, I was like, “Hell no. Guess I am not the morning person I thought I was!” So I got dressed, got my lunch together, then laid back down for a quick nap and cuddle time with my girlfriend.

Then the alarm went off again for me to leave, and you know what? I did my sit-ups and push-ups before leaving. I did the sit-ups first and could get only 18 in one minute. (The goal is 40.) Then I did my push-ups, and I got only 16! (My goal is 30.) That was an easy fix. Push-ups first next time!

Unfortunately I ran out of time to do the burpees, but again there is a way to solve that: all I have to do is get up maybe 5 minutes earlier than usual, and I should be able to knock those out. For the record, I did my burpees first thing when I got home, and I did 20 in one minute. (My breathing got all messed up because my stepdaughter came in and started asking me questions. Next time, I am ignoring them until my minute is up!)

In order to run when I get home, I need to prepare a little. A friend of mine advised me to eat some kind of carbs 2 hours before I run in the form of a whole wheat bagel, and then to consume some kind of juice 1 hour before.

I asked him if the bagel could have peanut butter on it. He said it could, so around 2:30 I consumed a bagel with PB. Then around 3:45 I had some pineapple juice. As I said above, I got home and did my burpees. After that I went through a series of 10 stretches before going for my run.

Well, right away I knew things would be bad because I could HEAR the juice sloshing around inside me! I managed to do two laps; it took me 10 minutes, and the laps added to about 0.76 miles or so. I say “about” because, when I looked at my tracking app, I saw it had tracked my time…but not my damn distance!

For the next time I do the University Police Officer portion of my training, this is what I intend to do:

*Wake up a little earlier to do push-ups, sit-ups and burpees before work.
*Have that bagel at 2:00PM WITHOUT any peanut butter.
*Drink the juice a little earlier…maybe 3:15 or 3:30.

Doing Chum Kiu 4 times and Sil Lum Tao and Biu Jee one time each worked out well for me. On top of that, I did 400 extra punches. I did 100 punches for each of the following types:

*chest height
*head height
*with a pivot
*with a step


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July 11 2016 Wing Chun Training

Remember the schedule I posted a few weeks ago that showed I would train for Wing Chun and my University Police Officer agility test? Well, even though I created that a while back, I was not following it…other than to do my forms 10 times a day, finishing each one off with 100 punches for a total of 1000 punches.

Well, today I finally started doing the other parts of the training routine. For the record, today involved doing some extra pivoting work, as well as doing techniques that involved both hands at the same time (one hand punching while the other did a block).

Some people may wonder while I had extra pivoting on the agenda. That is because when I pivoted, I was losing my balance. I needed to learn how to sink my stance and keep my balance better. However, something funny happened: ever since I put that item on the training routine, my balance has been improving anyway! In other words, it might not stay on the list, but we will see.

As for doing two-hand techniques, that is because I need to practice my timing. See, in wing chun we train to do simultaneous attack and defend. However, I have been having a bit of a delay. Therefore I want to get the timing down. This part was actually quite useful.

Aside from doing the two-hand techniques with a side to side pivot, I have also been walking around my apartment and doing these techniques with a step. This will be helpful, as my entry footwork could use some improving too.

So I am just getting around to following the entire schedule, right? Well, funny thing: I am now reconsidering how many times I do my forms per day. Right now I do Sil Lum Tao and Biu Jee once each, then I do Chum Kiu EIGHT times. Well, now that I am doing the rest of my training, this might be too much for me to take on, considering the time constraint that my life was BEFORE I started training on a regular basis. So now what I’m thinking is:

*Still do Sil Lum Tao and Biu Jee once per day
*Do Chum Kiu FOUR times instead of eight
*100 punches at the end

This will still give me 600 punches per day. If I want to keep that nice even 1000, then I will just do 400 extra punches a day. Then I can do my forms (two at a time) on my morning, lunch and afternoon breaks at work with no fear of getting myself in trouble!

And of course, if I wind up with more free time than I expected at home, I can always knock out a couple more rounds of Chum Kiu. It might need a few minor tweaks, but I think this will be a damn good schedule.

I just need to summon up all my willpower because tomorrow is when I do University Police Officer training. That involves push-ups, sit-ups and the 1.5 mile run. (I am also throwing in a minute’s worth of burpees for good measure.) However, the real reason I need to push myself is because I wanted to try doing everything other than the run BEFORE work.

Now that is going to be a challenge, my friends!

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