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Training Notes

Rest assured, I have still been training. However, I have not had much time to post about it.

This past Sunday, I went back to my first Wing Chun gathering in a long time. It was great, and I learned a lot about where I should aim my focus when it comes to Chi Sao. One big thing is learning to “drop the bridge.” This is kind of hard to explain using just words, so all I will say is that it’s a technique where you keep bringing your opponent’s hands down.

Another thing I realized is I have a tendency to focus on one hand or the other while leaving the other hand “dead.” I need to work on that too. The only way to get there is practice.

Other than that, I am about halfway through the second month of 10 Minute Trainer. I am anxious to move on to 22 Minutes Hard Corps because I have not done it yet, and it looks like it really will push things to the next level. Well, I will be able to find that out in about 2-3 weeks! In the meantime, I will keep doing my forms, weekly challenges, 10 Minute Trainer, and of course eating right.

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GoFundMe Campaign: Wing Chun Start-Up Fees

Recently I was given permission to teach Wing Chun (up to my level, of course). It has been tough finding a place that would let me teach there, but eventually I did. Only problem: I don’t have enough to cover the rent. They would also like me to have insurance. While I did find a cheap option, it is still more than I can afford at this time.

Then I remembered: hey…crowdfunding! So I launched my GoFundMe campaign to fund this goal. The link is BELOW the picture:


Click to Donate Now!

I created it on January 1, 2017 because I thought it was a great way to bring in the new year. My initial goal was $3,000 because I wanted to accommodate the following:

*One year’s worth of rent
*One year’s worth of insurance
*Website fees (both domain and hosting)
*The cost of setting up an LLC

However, I realized that at this point in time, the most important things are the rent and insurance. So I have temporarily reduced the goal to $1,600. At the moment I have no rewards system set up. In time that will change. And have no fear: if you pledged a certain amount before the rewards are put in place, you WILL still get that reward!

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Future Training Plans

When it comes to training, I have a couple different things going on: there is my Wing Chun training, and my fitness training. For fitness, I am going by several home-based workout programs that I bought from Team Beachbody. When it comes to my martial arts training, that is limited by the amount of time I can get around other people who practice! Here are my future plans for both.


*Get back to Sunday morning classes at Skidmore to practice Chi Sao.
*Finish my wooden dummy construction so I can practice on that.
*Join up with some people in an MMA club who will be training in the same facility where I can hold my Wing Chun class. This is to get me outside of my comfort zone instead of training only with other Wing Chun practitioners.
*Every now and then, get together with my friend James who can help me film some videos featuring Wing Chun being used in self-defense scenarios. This may not be the most realistic, since they would be planned drills at first, but over time I would envision him coming at me in improvised ways, so I would NOT know what he was going to do before the camera started rolling.


The first item on this list is already done, and the second one is in process. If anyone reading this is curious what some of these programs are like, then please leave a comment below, and I will reply.

10 Minute Trainer (10 minutes per day)
10 Minute Trainer (20 minutes per day)
22 Minutes Hard Corps
P90X 3/Insanity Max 30 Hybrid
Insanity: the Asylum, Volume 2
P90X/Insanity Hybrid (so far, my favorite of all time!)
Insanity: the Asylum Volume 1/Insanity Hybrid
P90X 2
Asylum Volumes 1 and 2 Hybrid
P90X/Insanity/Rev Abs Hybrid
P90X 2/Asylum Volume 1 Hybrid
Body Beast

Most of these programs last 60-90 days. I added up all the running times, plus factored in 5-7 days of rest between programs, and found out that this schedule will last me approximately 850 days. That’s about 2 years and 3-4 months of working out right there!

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Training for the Last Few Days

I was a bit off on my training for the New Year’s weekend. Yesterday I got my forms done, plus the weekly challenge from the Facebook Wing Chun group.

Honestly, there have been a couple of developments lately that have kept me from posting. Some of them are personal and related to my kids. Others are related to both Wing Chun and my comic book, which I have not mentioned on here in ages.

Well, I don’t really feel like getting into all of it right now. I just wanted to pop in because I haven’t been here in a while. Trust me, there will be more news and updates coming soon.

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December 30, 2016: Training Journal


*Sil Lum Tao
*Chum Kiu
*Challenge Set 1
*Biu Jee
*Mook Jong
*Challenge Set 2

*10 Minute Trainer: One on One Lower Body
*10 Minute Trainer: One on One Plyo Intervals


*BREAKFAST: bread (1 grain), peanut butter (1 protein), milk (1 dairy)
*SNACK 1: apple and small orange (1 and a half servings of fruit), cereal (1 grain)
*LUNCH: pork chops (2 protein), broccoli (2 vegetables), string cheese (1 dairy), cous cous (1 grain)
*SNACK 2: bagel (1 grain), string cheese (1 dairy)
DINNER: (2 protein), (1 grain)

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December 29, 2016: Training Journal


*Sil Lum Tao
*Chum Kiu
*Challenge Set 1
*10 Minute Trainer: Abs
*Biu Jee
*Mook Jong
*Challenge Set 2
*10 Minute Trainer: Cardio Intervals

NOTE: I decided to split up the two workouts because today I just don’t have the time to do that one block of 20 minutes straight. Also, I was supposed to do Cardio from the basic DVD set, but I decided to do Cardio Intervals from the 10 Minute Trainer One-on-One bonus DVDs that I got when I ordered the Deluxe package many moons ago. Why? Because I didn’t want to keep doing the same workout over and over again.


*BREAKFAST: two slices of bread (2 grains), peanut butter (1 protein), milk (1 dairy)
*SNACK 1: apple and small orange (1 and a half servings of fruit)
*LUNCH: string cheese (1 dairy), cereal (1 grain), chicken (1 protein), salad (2 vegetables), protein bar (1 protein)
SNACK 2: muffin (1 grain),

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